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Omhoog Pove Del Grappa Verona Milano Jan 2007
National CAC show Verona

Pictures of the males on the show in Verona
November 28th 2004 - Italy
Judge: Dr. Alfredo Alessandri

BOB - CAC: Icaro (Roki x Itaca)

Breeder/owner Paolo Cuius

RCAC: Willis Del Rosso Malpelo (Apollo Dei Re Di Roma x Alice)

Breeder/owner: Rosso Malpelo - S. Tanzarella

Champion class:

1 Excellent - Rugantino, Born 03/11/2000, brindle, lir 0176578, Sire Laerte, Dam Pakita
Owner: Rosso Malpele - S. Tanzarella, Breeder B. Corsi

2 Excellent - Gladio, Born ?, black, lir 0256950, Sire Ch. Portos, Dam Ch. Alice
Owner Gabriella Balzarini, Breeder S. Tanzarella

Open class:

1 Excellent / CAC / BOB - Icaro, Born 23/07/2001, brindle, lir 01185769, Sire Roki, Dam Itaca
Owner = Breeder Paolo Cuius

2 Excellent - Yannick Noah, Born 30/08/2002, black, lir 02158348, Sire Ch. Thor, Dam Ch. Niki
Owner = Breeder Corsi Della Nevaia - A. Bigozzi

3 Excellent - Dali', Born 31/07/2002, brindle, lir 03238613, Sire Ch. Cloto, Dam Brenda
Owner = Breeder Massimo Bini

4 Excellent - Ciro Degli Elmi, Born 04/08/2000, blue brindle, lir 015090, Sire Sefir, Dam Ch. Asia
Owner = Breeder Degli Elmi - P. Colosimo

Jago, Born 30/01/2003, Black brindle, loi 0362619, Sire Portos Del Rosso Malpelo, Dam Kim
Owner = Breeder Daniela Natalini

Working class:

1 Excellent RCAC -Willis Del Rosso Malpelo, Born 20/04/2003, black, lir 03116230
Sire Apollo Dei Re Di Roma, Dam Ch. Alice, Owner = Breeder Rosso Malpelo - S. Tanzarella

Balrog, Born 14/10/2001, black, lir 01209208, Sire Ch. Nestore, Dam Ch. Belthil
Owner = Breeder Massimiliano Triola

Youth class:

1 Excellent - Donald, Born 07/10/2003, black, lir 0420574, Sire Ch. Simon, Dam Azzurra
Owner S. Pacella, Breeder Raffaele Esposito

2 Excellent - Drogo Baggins, Born 18/07/2003, brindle, lir 03155700, Sire Ch. Bazo, Dam Baekthil
Owner = Breeder Massimiliano Triola

3 Excellent - Kedylan Dei Dauni, Born 19/10/2003, Black, lir 0445874, Sire Conan Dei Dauni
Dam Urania, Owner Vito Di Stasi, Breeder M. Frascari

4 Excellent - Hulk Dei Dauni, Born 21/08/2003, Black, lir?, Sire Conan Dei Dauni, Dam Bruna
Owner M. Frascari & E. Franceschi, Breeder M. Frascari

Napoleone Del Rosso Malpelo - Born 31/01/2004, Black, lir 0472876, Sire Ch. Conan Dei Dauni,
Dam Ch. Antea, Owner Eleonora Querze, Breeder S. Tanzarella

Zar Del Rosso Malpelo, Born 01/01/2004, Black, lir 0449668, Sire Ch. Conan Dei Dauni,
Dam Gilda, Owner = Breeder Rosso Malpelo - S. Tanzarella

Bruno, Born 24/12/2003, Brindle, lir?, Sire Ch. Bazo, Dam Bruna
Owner Katuscia Longoni, Breeder A. Smussi

I was very lucky to be on the show in Verona with my good camera and I was extremely happy to see that the light in the expositionhall was good enouhg to make pictures from outside the ring.
Unfortunately, the later it got, the lesser light I had to make good picutres.
The pictures of most females, which were shown later, did not work out.

Omhoog | Pove Del Grappa | Verona | Milano Jan 2007

Nancy Koper
+31 (0)6 - 27860907
Heerlen - The Netherlands

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